Termite Inspections and Prevention

We treat your termites and prevent future problems.


Close up termites or white ants


There are around 350 species of termites in Australia. Termites are commonly referred to as white ants but are not related to or have any resemblance of true ants. All too often, the presence of these silent invaders goes undetected until major structural damage is done, and though the problem is so severe, prevention is better than cure.

  • Termite Inspection and Treatments
  • Free Termite Prevention Proposal
  • Pre Purchase Timber Inspection
  • Pre-Slab Treatments A & B
  • Homeguard Certified

All work is carried out to the highest of Australian Standards. 

House construction  with termites damage

What we do

Inspections – Inspect the premises and report findings. We also provide Pre-Purchase Timber Inspections

Barriers – We will place chemical barriers using modern and affective chemicals        

Bait – Termite baiting and interception systems

Pre-Construction termite treatments

Future – We recommend annual inspections.

We will also advise how you can help reduce future problems.

Areas we service

Our pest control services are available to residents and businesses in all areas of Perth, Yanchep to Northam to Mandurah.

Preventing pests before they become a real problem is smart business. Even the cleanest businesses and homes can unknowingly have pest control problems.

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We are HomeGuard Certified

The HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System is a range of building products that are homogenously impregnated with Bifenthrin, a leading termiticide. The sheeting products are a patented single layer, extruded polymer that provides termite protection for the design life of the building when installed according to the label.

Most HomeGuard products are made from high quality polymers that are designed to withstand the rigours of construction whilst being completely non-invasive, non-leaching and environmentally friendly.

Here is what one happy customer had to say…

I would definitely recommend Aymonster Pest Control, always reliable and professional. I am always happy with the service they provide.




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Our pest control services are available to residents and businesses in all areas of Perth, Yanchep to Northam to Mandurah.

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